Out of the mouth of babes

Posted by Christine Fleeger on 5/31/2009 10:51:00 PM
Tonight as my husband and I were watching the Penguin game my daughter woke up and wanted a sippy and to sit with daddy on the couch. Shortly after she wanted to sit with me and the jealous dog wanted to sit with Brian, as he tried to cuddle with him Brian decided he needed some space. The dog was not so accommodating so he made the dog get off the couch and proceed to exclaim "The dog Pissed on the couch!" As Brian was trying to determine if it was truly the dog or if it could be that Anne's sippy leaked on the couch, as I had interjected, Anne proudly exclaimed "George Pissed On The Couch!" I just laughed as I have told my husband at least a thousand times to watch how he expresses himself. Do you have any funny antidotes of your children and the funny things they say feel free to leave me your stories too.



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