Hot or Cold?

Posted by Christine Fleeger on 10/09/2009 01:31:00 PM
The time is upon us, Fall. I love this time of year it cools of from all those scorchers of the summer months and the leaves start to turn. Since we live in Northwestern Pa we get some great views during this time of year. There is one reason I do not like fall tho. The heaters! Where we live we do not have whole house heat, each room has a built in heater and they are regulated individually. My husband and I debate every year when it is time to switch them on. My theory is if it is going below 45 at night they need to be on at night. I feel the perfect sleeping temp is somewhere between 50 and 60. At night I am the one who goes to bed first so at night while he is up he will turn them on and or up. I end up waking in the middle of the night in a sweat. At my age this is starting to scare me, is it menopause or my husband messing with the heaters again? I know we are not the only family who goes thru this I can remember as a child, visiting my Grandmother and being told to distract her so that my father and his brothers could sneak over and turn down the thermostat during family gatherings. Do you and your spouse agree over the temp and when that heater should kick on?



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