Surgery for my boy?!?!?

Posted by Christine Fleeger on 11/06/2009 05:33:00 PM
Yesterday was a crazy day for me. I got a call around lunch from my son's school to please come get him, he had a fever and a sore throat. After picking him up we headed to the drug store to pick up some meds, I received a series of texts from my husband. Hubby- Anne just got bit Me- by what??? Hubby- the dog she was pulling on his tail while I was in the bathroom Me- Did she get hurt Hubby- no not really Me- OK maybe this time she has learned her lesson. A few minn later I get some more Hubby- Are you headed home yet? Me- No we are getting the meds and then some groceries be home soon tho Hubby- Can you hurry? Me- WHY???? Hubby- I am getting a stone. Me- Seriously? Hubby- Yep Me- K on my way So needless to say I was a bit overwhelmed yesterday. After speaking to my son's Dr she decided it was time to see the ENT at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. I knew what we were in for today going down there. My son was having his tonsils out. So Tuesday morning we are getting up bright and early and headed back down to the south side of Pittsburgh to have his surgery done. At my son's request we have been video documenting this process and will have a Vlog for you when this is all over.



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