Posted by Christine Fleeger on 2/01/2010 02:27:00 PM
So here is the question of the day. Do you allow your significant other to be friends with people of the opposite sex? I live about an hour away from the town that I grew up in and I never imagined that anyone I went to school with would end up in the next town over, let alone one of my best friends from JR high. Yes as the previous question would suggest my best friend was a guy. To be exact I had two best friends and they were both guys. I have recent reconnected with both of them via Facebook. One lives a couple of hundred of miles away and the other ended up being less than 15 miles away. When I told my husband that I was friends with these particular two men he didn't care as we have a trusting relationship. As I began my on line friendship with one of these "old friends" I was given the impression that he was happily married and had a wonderfully life with his wife and children. As we further discussed getting our families together and possibly beginning a new friendship as well, I received a phone call from his wife telling me that she was trying to get him to divorce her and leave her alone. I was for lack of better explanation completely blown away. I discussed this with my husband and we decided that being his friend now was even more important than ever. This friendship was progressing nicely my husband and friend were even talking about going hunting together. I was looking forward to not only having my friend back but having someone who knew me so close, as my husband grew up around here and has many friends that we hang out with. With in the next 24 hours I once again was getting a phone call from his wife telling me that I had no right to try to reconnect and did my husband know that I was talking to him. I tried to tell her that my husband knows everything. I do not keep secrets! So here is my dilemma do I continue to try to be friends or give up on this friendship?????????



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