Spring Sports.

Posted by Christine Fleeger on 5/04/2012 01:45:00 PM
Hello everyone, it is that time of year again when life around the Fleeger Home gets crazy. This year no only are we going in all directions for my son's little league but we have added my daughters soccer schedule into the mix. My son is playing Baseball at least three games a week and there are a few tournaments this year as well. My daughter has one night of practice and one game a week. Unfortunately the night of practice for my daughter is also one of the nights my son has a game, when his game is home there is no problem I drop him off at the field with his team (he is 11) and I take my 5 yr old daughter to her soccer practice and after we come back and watch the rest of his game. On the nights when he is playing an away game and she has practice we have to rely on my parents to help out and get him to his game till I am done with soccer for her. So my question today is if you have more than one child in activities at the same time how do you handle it. My husband is not an option in helping because he is working during this time and can not get off early.



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