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Posted by Christine Fleeger on 6/08/2009 01:39:00 PM
The last few weeks I have been reading a great book. Life on Planet Mom. Now let me preference this review with this, If you are a MOPS mom this is this years theme book.
Now let me tell you about this book. First there are little sections in the book that you have to stop and read I call them Coffee Time (since they have a graphic of a coffee cup with them) I believe they are there to give you something to think about. My fave is "Do you understand love better now that you're a mom? How so?" I used these as journal entries during the three weeks I was reading this book. Let me just say I understand me so much better and have recently started to read excerpts to my husband at night and he seems to be getting a better understanding of me and what it means to me to be the mom to our children. Also in this book there is the Holmes-Rahe Stress Scale now I know what you are thinking, classic magazine quiz. But I have found this one to be right on the money if I am ever feeling a bit stressed just sitting and taking this sometimes can put things in perspective for me. Another section is How to rediscover your mate as we all know after having kids your relationship with the hubby is the first you put aside. There is a part of this chapter that is Ten Discussion Starters That Do Not Center on Children. Who couldn't use that. One of the other chapters that I found my self pondering on was My family Tree is Suddenly a Forest basically this talks about how you relationship changes with your parents and siblings now that you have a family of your own. I feel this book has given me the perspective not only to be a better mom to my two children but how to be a better person to my self as well as the world around me. Prior to reading this my world consisted of my children, Husband, a few friends, and what was going on in all their lives I didn't step back and think about how what that small group of people and what we were doing affected the world around us and how I can do better not only in my little world but in the bigger picture.



Christine, thanks so much for taking the time to read my book and post your thoughts. It makes me smile, thinking of how God used my words to keep speaking to you through discussions with your hubby, journal entries, etc. Blessings on your day! Love, Lisa

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