Swimming suit worries at 2???

Posted by Christine Fleeger on 6/07/2009 04:04:00 PM
Today I went to the local outlet mall to get some clothes for my kids for our vacation to Key West. I had to get my daughter a bathing suit, she is two years old and looks adorable in anything. Although her father is WAY overprotective of our little girl. Knowing this I bought her two suits, both bikinis one was a shirt looking top with a small bottom and the other was a typical two piece. As I pulled out all the clothes I had gotten for the kids I purposely left these for last knowing my hubby would FREAK! As I pulled them out I stated that there was one that he would like and one I liked and we would see which Anne liked and the other would promptly go back. I of course put mine on first with the hope that once it was on she would not want to take it off like most of her clothes. She got the bottom on no problem and the top on and I pulled it over her chest she then promptly tried to pull it down over her belly as I explained that it didn't go that far she looks at me and says "No mommy too small I want that one" pointing to the one daddy was holding. So I pose the question How old is old enough to wear a two piece?



ohhh _ I love all sweet babies in 2 pieces - I think they look so sweet! I would bet she wasn't responding so much to the idea of a 2 piece as to the thought that it might be 'too small' - the way she would feel if you put a 12 month sized shirt on her.

I bet she looks darling - you must post pictures!

not that I know your husband but he sounds too overprotective. there is nothing wrong with a child her age to wear a 2 pc suit!! I mean most toddlers under 2 hardly wear a suit when they are swimming. it's not like she is a teenager stripping in front of young boys. If he is this overprotective of her at 2, I hate to see him at 10 or 16.
geez. he needs to lighten up a little....good luck

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