1st day of school

Posted by Christine Fleeger on 8/31/2009 12:34:00 PM
Last night as we were setting everyones clothes out for the first day of school I reminded my son that I wanted to take a picture of him and not to let me forget. Out of the blue I feel a tug on my leg saying "Meeeeee Toooo I go to school tomorrow and you take my picture toooo" How can you resist such a sweet inocent request? Although I had already planned on doing some Pre-School related things with Anne thru out the day while her older brother was off soaking up the third grade. We made her own little area for school. She had already got a cute new outfit so we laid it out on the couch right beside her big brothers and we even had a book bag all set up (thanks Aunt Amy). When I then went to the kitchen to pack the non perishables for Robby's lunch I hear the pitter patter of toddler feet right behind me saying "where is my lunch box?" Yep we have one of them too and it matches Lily. That just made it that much better so we packed up Anne's right along with Robby. Sadly when Anne woke up this morning Robby had already gone off to the third grade and although she was disappointed and wanted him to come home "RIGHT NOW" we did make it thru the morning of learning the letters in her name and going over the flashcards we have been doing over the summer. (Can't wait till she is older and I get to remind her that her 2yr old preschool had her dog that she could make do flashcards.) Now that lunch, Yep out of her lunch box is over and she is down for a nap I am planning what to do this afternoon. I see a project coming on..........



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