The "Mommy" store

Posted by Christine Fleeger on 8/13/2009 11:33:00 AM
So today I went up to our local outlet mall to the COACH store. It took me two weeks to convince my husband to let me spent almost $200 on a new purse. Trust me it took a ton of coaxing, dealing and bribing. So as he left for work this morning he says to me that I can take his credit card and go. I proceed to get the kids ready (take his meds to him at work that once again he forgot) and I am on my way. I get there and get the kids out of the car my daughter in her stroller and convince my son to let me push her till we get to the sidewalk, Always an issue with us. After spending at least an hour looking around the store I finally pick one much less than what he said I could spend. I then proceed to stand in line for what seems like forever with two children who really don't want to be in a "Mommy" store. I get to the front of the line and the cashier starts to ring me up, I proceed to give him my husbands credit card and he tells me that I can't use it because my name is not on the card. Now I have to say that if the credit card company ever got a signature other than mine such as my husbands they would question it. I don't think he has ever signed for ANYTHING. I proceeded to tell the clerk that I would be happy to give him anything with my name on it showing we are married I would also give him a call at work and he could verify for me. He said no and I walked out! VERY IRRITATED!!! Tonight before we go to get my husband final fitting for his tux for the wedding he is in this weekend I will need to take him with me to buy my purse. Yes I still want it.



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