Growing up to FAST!!!

Posted by Christine Fleeger on 10/06/2012 02:50:00 PM
Yesterday I was winding down my work day since it was almost time to go get my kids off the bus at the end of our driveway, when all the sudden my phone rings and my caller ID says it is my son. Of course my heart starts racing thinking shouldn't he be on the bus omg what if there was an accident..... I answer and he says "hey mom would it be alright if I walked into town with some friends and you can pick me up later?" At this point I was thinking an accident might not have scared me as much. After a few Minn of questioning him, and trying to determine if he was pulling one over on me like I use to do. I decided that he was a good kid and I knew the kids he was going with were good as well so I said yes. I hung up the phone and felt as if someone had just taken my little boy away. Now if that wasn't hard enough later when picking him up all the girls that were following him around our little town yelled over to him "Hey are you going to the lock in tonight" He looks at me saying please with his eyes. I said sure and he perks up to tell them yes. We got home and he got his chores done and I looked up the information for the first lock in of the year when I realized that my daughter was old enough now to go as well. I knew that when I took him up to drop him off there would be kids from her class there as well and she would want to stay. I saw this with mixed emotions, first NOOOOOOOOO I can't have them both taking such big steps of growing up in one day. Although on the other hand my husband and I could have a peaceful dinner out with our friends. As Friday night came to a close and I was putting the kids to bed I realized just how grown up they are and how happy I am that they are at these ages.



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