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Posted by Christine Fleeger on 10/01/2012 08:54:00 PM
My son's birthday was this past month and my husband and I got him an iPhone for his birthday. Now before you go all off the handle that we bought a twelve year old an iPhone, it was an iPhone three referb. I told him that if he can keep this phone without loosing it or breaking it for one year I would upgrade him to the four. Having said that I have major restrictions on his phone. It will not work at all during school hours, if he wants to download not only is there a password that only I know but it simultaneously downloads the same thing to my phone and if I stop it on my phone it will do the same on his. My son has in my opinion received this phone for two reasons, first he goes with his Bio~Dad every other weekend to Pittsburgh (and he just moved to a portion that I don't feel is all that safe). Second he is now twelve and is a responsible sweet boy. Yes he will always be a boy to me. Maybe I do have a third reason I can track him when he and his little sister are on their way home on the bus and be out our 1/2 mile driveway when they are getting off the bus.

This evening he comes to me after what I feel is plenty of tech time (computer, iPad, iPhone....) and requests me to download on his phone an app. Now this is not a bad app it looks to be a bit educational about outer space but still an app after hours. My answer after looking over the app was this looks good come see me tomorrow you are done for tonight. When out of the blue he called me the GRINCH! Mind you now not in a mean way just politely looked at me and said "Mom your a Grinch" WOW what do I say to that so I just laughed, and said get ready for bed, then went on with our evening.

My question to everyone out there is...first do your children have cell phones (how old are they) and second why did you decide to get them one or not get them one?



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