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Posted by Christine Fleeger on 5/18/2010 07:59:00 PM in , ,
This past weekend was my first experience with Baseball tournaments. My son who is now in the farm league of our local baseball club played 6 games over three days. One friday night, 3 Saturday starting at 8am and then 2 on Sunday. We were on a streak too till Sunday (I think the kids were just worn out). We ened up coming in fourth place. I am so proud of our team of 9 and 10 year olds and as much as I would like to brag about them all I am after all I am only Robby's mom so I will take my rightfully place and start bragging now. Friday nights game was for the most part uneventfully, we whipped the other team 12-4 and everyone had a part in that. Saturday came and getting up earlier on a Saturday morning than we do on a school day was hard not only for me but for my son as well. We had a chat about how you can't skip the first game just because you are tired and how his team was depending on him. The first game we played just as we had the night before with everyone doing their part and getting the job done. The second game we were even more on fire than the first. Robby had a great play helping to get a few guys out and then even scored twice! Wow we are on fire!!!!! Then came the third game and the most amazing thing I have ever seen my son do!!! He got up to bat and had a great hit got on first. Then he stole second and third WOW WOW I was so impressed!!!! The next batter was up and got walked while he was walking to first it hit me if Robby go to score he would have the WINNING RUN!!! The next batter was up he also walked to base so with the bases loaded and two outs our next batter was up. Three Balls and two strikes later he got another ball and walked my son home for the WINNING RUN!!!!! I know it is not as exciting as if he had hit a home-run but I am still the proudest mom ever!!!!



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