Should Mommy Be On Meds???

Posted by Christine Fleeger on 5/12/2010 12:24:00 AM
Today was one of the most serene days of my life. although getting there wasn't that way. It all started last night while watching the hockey game with my husband and our new BFF Casey. (OK he's always been one of my husband's bff but that's a story for another day) We had picked up subway for dinner that night on our way home from my son's baseball game. Now I have been avoiding a bad tooth for a few years now and every once in a while I completely forget that eating subway will irritated my tooth but tonight it was in rare form. I ended up taking one of my husbands left over vikes. (OK for all of you out there who will yell about saving meds give up I don't want to hear it) Off to bed I went with a rice heating pad on my cheek and meds in my system I usually get a good night sleep and wake up feeing fine. But noooooo not this time about 5am I woke up to extreme pain sooooo yep I took another pill so I could just get back to sleep. After waking up getting my son ready for school and sending him off with my sweet husband to the bus stop. I layed on the couch till 11 yes 11am my daughter slept in. Normally I would be freaking because her waking this late means a late night for me. Completely out of character for her she looked at me and said mom can we cuddle on the couch and watch a movie. Of course I am still exhausted and comply. After enjoying our movie she asks for another. At this point I am thinking is she sick?? After a compleat mommy look over nope she is fine I offer to make PB&J sushi and we have a blast making it together. At this point I decide that I am going to make an effort not to yell at all today no matter what. (I did stick to it) She and I had a great day spending time together and after that she allowed me to get my work done while she quietly played. By the time dinner came I pulled out all the leftovers in my fridge that I always swear were going to eat and never do. Everyone ate with no complaints!!!! I don't know that has ever happened before! My son and I sat to do his homework with again no complaints and whizzed thru. Then with compleat amazement my children went upstairs and played nicely together until snack. Soon there after was bed again no complaints. At this point I am now checking to see if these are really my children. I actually got to sit and watch my shows while they were live not DVR'd. As I sat and actually had a conversation with my husband I realized that we were actually talking without any interruptions for the first time in many years. I am considering the statement that my husband is always telling me "chill out" I defiantly felt chilled out all day today and just didn't sweat the small things.



haha thats great. maybe you should look into something. not the vikes but they can give you anti-anxiety stuff to just take the edge off. you would be surprised how much better you see things. i love them.

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