My baby girl is growing up

Posted by Christine Fleeger on 5/04/2010 01:36:00 PM
Every day there is one thing I have completely mixed feelings on. My Daughters hair!! I love how long her hair is but on the other hand I completely hate brushing it! It is always tangled and always has bits of food in it. Anne screams bloody murder every time I brush it, I am real glad we live so far off the beaten path or people might call child services on me for just brushing her hair. We have been talking for months now about getting her hair cut and donating it to locks of love. This past Saturday I geared up to brush Anne's hair and get ready for the day. As usual she screamed and screamed, that was enough for me we went straight to get her hair cut!!! We ended up with 11 inches to send to locks of love. I have to say that her father took it better than I ever thought. He was willing to go on such a whim that day. He held his protective dad pose and walked her right into the salon and watched over her the whole time. Although he is disappointed with how short we had it cut he is being a wonderful father!!!!



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