Family Fun

Posted by Christine Fleeger on 7/23/2009 06:47:00 AM
As I told you in the last post my family was in town this weekend and we had a blast! First my Brother Frank arrived minus his oldest daughter and wife (they were greatly missed). Then my brother Joe arrived from California. We had a great dinner and a bonfire, catching up on old times and letting Joe get to know our kids. The next day we went to Pittsburgh for my cousins graduation party. As I sat in my uncles yard watching my brothers play basketball in the driveway it took me back to when I was little and sitting at Quail Park watching them stomp all over the neighborhood kids and then some punks would come from the North Side and try to beat them, My brothers would walk all over them! And if our friend Vernon was there then that was a great game of three on three. I miss those days.



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