I love you TOO MUCH

Posted by Christine Fleeger on 7/08/2009 08:12:00 PM
Earlier today I was baking cupcakes with my daughter and as we were waiting for them to cook I had her sitting up on the counter and we were talking. When she was done telling me all about the cupcakes, how they were made, how they were cooking and how Daddy was going to love them. I told her "I Love You" and she said the cutest thing back to me "Mommy I Love You Too Much!" with such conviction. Now since my son was born I have had this little saying with him he says " I love you infinity and beyond and I say I love you best in the whole wide world. Never thinking at the time about more children I didn't see anything wrong with this. Within days of my daughter being born I realized that this may hurt her feelings. I have been searching for something special to say with her too. I think today's events have just solved my problem.



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