Monkey See Monkey Do

Posted by Christine Fleeger on 7/04/2009 10:12:00 AM
This morning as I sit here with my kids on the couch in front of my desk I am having a deja vu moment. My son is trying to play his video game and my daughter who recently awoke is sitting next to him with her controller (no batteries) doing everything he does. The other day as he was singing the theme to his fave cartoon she was imitating him and I was able to grab my video camera and capture it. I have to laugh tho because I can remember running around with my little cousins and telling my mother to make them stop doing what I am doing. Now as a mother I see how much just imitating her brother has given her an advantage. At this age altho my son is super smart he just didn't have the verbal skills she has from repeating everything he says. I am amazed at the connection they have, there is 6 years difference between them and some days they are like twins.



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