Posted by Christine Fleeger on 7/25/2009 12:16:00 PM
I have had a friend of mine this past few weeks send out some jealousy vibes. My first thought why in the world would you be jealous of me? My second thought was STOP! She has been trying to imitate what I do and how I live my life for a while now and I always though she was just so much like me. Then when I realized that she was doing these things just because I was doing them I was a bit flattered but in this past week I have gotten frustrated with the jealous comments. Besides my feelings on this I had to take a step back the other day when my son who understands what is going on and has even pointed it out to me a few times, looked at me and said why does XXXXX want to do everything you do and then tries to ruin it for you and why doesn't she just have her own life? I tried to explain this in his terms like when one of his friends gets a toy or video game that he really wants. He did understand but as usual my wise beyond his years son said "yea I feel that way for a second and then I get over it and am happy for my friend." So once again I have learned how to deal with a problem I am having by being a parent. I am going to get over it and hope that she will too.



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